Friday, August 11, 2006

clarotic personality disorder

Aerik had this fabulous personality disorder quiz on his blog. I was SHOCKED at my results. Not at having high levels of avoidant behaviour, that was a given. But Histrionic? What? What makes them think I seek attention and praise? Is it because I have post pictures of myself and write about my life and opinions as if everyone actually wanted to hear it? Even going so far as to ask people to describe me in a word so I can moon over it later and think about how awesome I am? Pshaw! Poppycock! I’m simply a blogger folks. What do you mean same thing? Screw you.

That’s my borderline disorder kicking in. Mood swings and all that. I was surprised to see the moderate Schizotypal in there. What up? A girl can’t believe in fairies and dragons without being labelled crazy? I just read many romance and fantasy novels. See there’s a logical explanation for everything. If it involves portals to other dimensions - so be it. And just because I believe I’m a little claravoyant doesn’t mean I’m a fruitcake. The difference between clairvoyant and claravoyant is that with claravoyance you think of every possible scenario before it happens so that when it does you can say ‘I totally knew that was going to happen!. You can really freak yourself out. It’s just a mystical form of worrying.


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So as you can see, these so called ‘crazies’ I have can all be explained quite logically. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to flick the light switch 20 times or a meteor is going to fall on my apartment.

I hate it when that happens.

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