Tuesday, August 8, 2006

lady hare and dog revisited

I have discovered the Galerie De Bellefeuille.


Remember my forbidden love post awhile back? Well the much pondered Lady Hare and Dog were featured at this gallery and thus led me to many other wonderful works of art which I will eventually share you. First though I must mention that the disturbing/enthralling Lady Hare and Dog have made a reappearance – this time astride a horse. Last time I questioned the embrace that artist Sophie Ryder portrayed. Was it maternal? Passionate? This new formation adds another piece to the puzzle. Perhaps it was a passionate embrace and this is the end of the relationship. The awkward conversation that takes place when everything has burned itself out or one has moved on. Maybe it’s just a friendly jaunt through Rose Petal Place or some such thing. Or perhaps the Horse and Dog are kidnapping the Lady Hare, the Dog’s watchful posture preventing escape. Again, we can only speculate but brother that is one of my favourite things to do. Mmm boy.

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