Friday, September 29, 2006

on the way to work...

Periodically I have to go to the hospital to get some blood work done (surgical mishaps and all that), today was one of those mornings. As I wandered down to the southbound trains at Wellesley station I heard water running. Tinkling more like. There was some guy, peeing against the payphone like a dog on a hydrant. Ridiculous! This was around 8am, there was quite a few people down there heading to work, and this wasn’t some homeless weirdo, it was a well dressed guy. I wish I had my camera. I would have been all “hey you wanna pee in public you’re gonna end up on the Internet buddyclick. And then everyone would cheer. Not really. But it would have been cool if I did.

When I got to the hospital I was greeted by balloons and many cheerful medical staff. My first thought was that they had missed me (it has been awhile), but it is in fact St. Michael’s Day! I got a free book light. It has St. Mike’s logo on it. Fun! I can use it next time I’m there and want to read at night so I can drown out my crazy roommates rantings. Double fun!

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