Tuesday, October 3, 2006

glam jer

This weekend I pulled a typical bitchy girlfriend thing. Well I felt guilty afterwards anyway. I told Jeremy – “you are NOT wearing that out in public with me”. This jacket was originally used as a Halloween costume, I believe for Ozzy Osbourne. It is very 80’s, cropped and quite snug.. As you can see. Here we have the pouting ‘but I yike it’ look and the ‘see how sexy I am’ with underwear showing. He kept thinking I was joking and trying to leave the apartment. Um, no. I’m serious babe. But I felt bad later, not too bad though, because if he really wanted to wear it nothing in the universe would have stopped him. Besides, as the Sherman’s Lagoon below clearly illustrates, it is the girlfriend’s duty to dictate fashion choices. I never thought I’d be one of those girlfriends though, because Jeremy is generally a well dressed guy and I am somewhat sloppy. I guess every guy has that certain article of clothing that he insists upon wearing, against all logic and good taste. His just happens to be a glam rockers dream coat. Y’know he does love the way he looks in eyeliner….

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