Wednesday, October 4, 2006


Last night I was watching the news and who should I see but pseudo sister in-law Hayley, broken and bloody. It was so exciting! No I have not transmogrified into some cruel and unfeeling beast – they were doing a story on her new commercial. So controversial…how chic! You can watch the ads here, but be warned, they are bloody. Of course I believe they will be doing transit ads and billboards so there will be no escape.

Jeremy was horrified when he saw his little sister go through that glass case. He flinched away from the computer. I really worry how he’ll handle it when she has her first love scene (I mean sex but i'm trying to spare his nerves). He’ll probably have a heart attack. He is very ‘big brotherly’ protective and such. Meanwhile if I go out with a low cut top on he looks proud, like he had something to do with these beauties. Sigh.

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