Friday, October 6, 2006

barfing and more

Ugh, I promised myself I wouldn’t write about this again but too bad here it comes. My calcium has been high again and therefore I’ve been nauseous. It sucks. I’m starving but I can’t eat anything because I will puke it up. The mere smell of food makes me want to die. Plus I think the universe is conspiring against me – I walked by two dead birds and a puddle of puke this morning. It took all my stubbornness to resist barfing. Yeah I don’t have any willpower but I am incredibly stubborn. AND when I got to work – someone was cooking a ham in the microwave! A freaking ham! What is wrong with you people! It’s 8:30 in the morning and you need an entire ham? I swear if I could have stood getting close to it I would have bashed them over the head with it. Sigh. Tonight I am attending Connie and Dave’s wedding and I apologize in advance if I throw up in the middle of the ceremony. I shall endeavour not to, though you have now been forewarned.

Anyhoo there is some good news in here. Jeremy got a new job! Two days after the interview he was offered a job. A real big boy job! How growned up! Goodbye Starbucks! I will miss getting a discount there though, that was quite a little bonus. I won’t say where he will be working, as in this day and age the last thing you want to post about is your job, well in any detail anyway, but I will say I can see the tower from my work's fabulous view and I think it’s quite romantic that I can. Cute! So congratulations baby. Oh and I’m sorry honey that you had to share your exciting news with a barfy entry but that’s life.

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