Thursday, October 19, 2006

the cat came back, the very next day

Sadly in this case, the cat was never seen again. This is Hetalacus (mispellingly named for Bruce Campbell’s character Autolycus from Xena). Hetalacus was the last of a long line of family cats, spanning over 25 years. Unfortunately as dogs and other cats intruded Hetalacus felt the call of the wild. Unable to resist, she returned to the wilderness and now rules a pack of feral cats. At least that’s what I like to think happened. In reality we will never know. She may have in fact been eaten by coyotes, or could be living with some nice family somewhere.

She was a good cat, though needy. Or shall I say 'kneady'? She was none to gentle about her ministrations, as you can tell from Jeremy’s picture with her.

It’s been some time since she disappeared for good. She started disappearing overnight, and then we wouldn’t see her for two days. Then a month had gone by and we realized we hadn’t seen the cat lately. She always came back though. We’ve pretty much accepted that that’s not going to happen this time. Maybe she knew, and was preparing us. That’s why she stayed away for increasing amounts of time. That does seem a bit too clever for one of Hetalacus’, shall we say ‘mental limitations’. Nonetheless, you shall be missed my dear – you join the ranks of other mysteriously vanished cats over the years, such as
Lady Brenna. I hope you are a loyal pack, ruthlessly harassing the coyote population in the area.

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