Tuesday, October 17, 2006

thick enough for a cow to stand in

Jer and I had a little adventure last night as we headed out to din to meet the in-laws. The first bit was planned, well by Jeremy anyway. He loves discovering little city secrets and had to share this one with me. Cows! Right downtown in the financial district! If you’ll remember we had a similar experience with some elephants awhile back. What fun! We didn’t actually get on any of the cows, much to Jeremy’s regret. It was dark though and we had a bit of a time getting a good picture. Hence the crazy night mode shots.

Shortly thereafter we were accosted by a man from Guyana looking for a dollar. Never in my life have a truly wished I had a dollar to give someone. What a nice man. He stopped us by hailing Jeremy ‘hey John Travolta!’, which got our attention (mostly Jeremy’s). After he found out we had no change he took both of our hands in his and gave us a sort of ‘blessing’ I suppose.

To me You like this man?’
To JeremyYou got to get this girl pregnant’
Much laughter ensued.
‘You get this girl pregnant and don’t be going on no Maury Povich denying your babies’
Jeremy loved this, as he is secretly addicted to the Maury Povich paternity shows.
To me ‘You got to make this man thick thick soup okay?’
‘It will make his sperm very very strong’
‘Wow' Awkward pause. 'Um, that's......okay then.''

This went on for some time but you get the idea. Very nice man. A little off perhaps but who isn’t really?

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