Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Doesn’t this look like some medieval torture device? It is in fact a farm implement thinger my father rigged up for canning season or some such thing. What a great spooky shot, I know. It was completely accidental. I had a delayed shutter speed set on my computer from taking pictures of Jeremy and his computer and I totally forgot about it. Love the effect though.

Speaking of my father, I have a funny story. Now this is all hearsay, as I wasn’t actually there to witness the conversation. But my sister swears it is true and when my mother heard about it she didn’t seem all that surprised.

Some guy selling insurance called the house, my dad answered. Now every so often my dad is taken by strange whims. And by every so often I mean often. I think that’s where I get it.

Phone rings.


Pause. Slowly a grin forms.

Oh I see! Yes tell me more!

Pause. More grinning.

Very good, very good. Now tell me, what if my wife dies under ‘suspicious circumstances'. This insurance will still pay out?

Longer pause.

Mmm hmm. And what if, say….they never find the body. Do I still get the money?

What I'm sure is a very awkward pause.

Okay, what if they only find a hand or something? How much would I get for that?

Ah, mine papa. I'll have to find out what the other half of that conversation sounded like.

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