Monday, November 20, 2006


Went down to Niagara Falls this weekend to work at the chocolate shop. It was our open house to showcase the Christmas line-up. Jeremy and I go down to work it every year; it’s tradition. It was tiring, busy and so much fun. Plus we loaded up on chocolate. As usual many antics were had.

I pretty much only work this one weekend a year so every time I come there are new things to know – prices, procedure etc. we just redid the bathroom that the customers use and some guy asked me where the washroom was. I automatically directed him to it. Immediately afterwards I second-guessed myself. ‘Is that even ready for the public?’ I went to the back to ask and waited for a lull in the lively conversation. As I was waiting my sister came in from the front of the store. Great! I’ll ask her!

“Hey can customers use that bathroom out there?’

‘Uh, yeah’

‘Oh good. I just told some guy he could go right in but I wasn’t sure after.’

‘Yeah I know, I was in there.’


‘He just walked right in.’


I wasn’t the only one making faux pas this weekend. Jeremy had an awkward moment with a customer – and I was NOT the only one who took this the wrong way. The customer was describing a chocolate fountain they had set up, and his kids had revelled in.

‘Yeah I’ve got pictures of them with their shirts off, head and shoulders practically covered in chocolate.’

Jeremy points at me and says, ‘That’s nothing, I’ve got tons of pictures of her like that’.

My jaw dropped.

Excuse me? You must be thinking of someone else. He meant to imply I was a messy eater (true enough) but instead made it sound like amateur fetish hour. I immediately ran back to tell my family that Jeremy was telling customers he has pornographic images of me. He was not impressed.

That didn't stop him from coming on to chocolate Santa Claus though. For shame!

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