Friday, November 17, 2006

rock on… long as i’m in bed by 10

Jeremy went to a Guns n Roses concert with a buddy on Wednesday. Since I was in bed by the time he got home so the next morning I asked him how it went.

I’m old.

Why what happened?

Well it was too loud. And Axel didn’t even go on stage until midnight! There was so much smoke and pot, it hurt my eyes and made me dizzy.

Laughter. From me.

I turned to ask *Bob if he wanted to go out and get some air, knowing that I probably wouldn’t hear the end on it – and he had his face in his hands, head down. Once we got outside he said ' you wanna just get out of here'. So we left.

Wow. Boys night out. Wild.

*Names have been changed to protect the old and uncool. Kidding!

But you know it’s true.

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