Friday, November 17, 2006

there once was a girl

I went to the Curly Hair Institute last night. Love it. Not only did they do a great job on my hair, they made it into an experience. I walked in and was guided to a leather chair and asked if I wanted tea, coffee or water. With lemon. Fancy. It was an open concept post yet casual salon specifically for those with curly hair. At long last. I received a shine treatment and cut. You can see from the before and after shots that the cut brought out the best of my curls. All the way through! And it feels so light! I did have shiny locks before but that was only after dousing them in crap everyday, now it’s the standard and my hair is sooooft. Mmmm. Now though yo may be tempted to say you like the before picture after, keep in mind that the after one is at the end of the day, so my eyebrows have all but worn off. It lends a weirdness to my picture that you just can't put you're finger on.

Anyway I felt so hot afterwards, I was strutting to the subway station, flipping my hair around. When I’d thrown my purse over my shoulder it had kicked up one side of my collar. Rather than wrestle it down I just pulled up the other side. Just because it was easier, not because it made me look badass or anything. When the train came and kicked up a breeze I shook my hair, and in my head I heard Chaka Khan:

Tell me something good
Tell me that you like it, yeah
Tell me something good
Tell that you love me, yeah

Oh yeah.

It was pretty hot. And badass.

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