Saturday, December 23, 2006

...and it begins

Well my holidays have officially started, so I’ll be taking a short blog break. Not to worry though I’ll be back on the 27th.

I was awoken this morning by Jeremy shoving my thyroid pill down my throat.

‘Hurry and take it! I wanna eat and you have to wait a half hour right before you can eat? Take it!’

I groggily complied. I had stayed up until midnight playing Final Fantasy XII – I’ll be away from it for 4 days! Gasp! So I was getting my fill. Anyway as soon as I did he bounded off the bed to his computer and started playing Christmas songs. Then he knelt above me and started dancing wildly saying ‘yay it’s Christmas!’ over and over. Le sigh.

Did I mention that this is Jeremy’s favorite holiday? He’s been a toddler all month and this weekend marks his descent into infancy. It’s pretty cute though. Today we go to the in-laws until Christmas afternoon, then down to Niagara until Boxing Day. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. Yay!

Anyway have a very Merry Christmas all, hope your holidays are wonderful!

…And of course – Happy Birthday Jesus!

*From the
Chibi Jesus page. Yes there is a Chibi Jesus page! Have you ever heard of anything cuter and holier! I haven’t!

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