Friday, December 22, 2006

6 weird things about clara

Only 6!?!? How to choose?

Okay I was tagged by
Elo, but I’m not posting the ‘rules’ because I’m not tagging anyone. I’m such a rebel. I’m only doing it because Elo is so cool and I love to write about myself (why else would I have a blog?), especially quirks and the like.

1. I make weird nonsense sounds a lot of the time when I am home. I just like the way it feels to say them. Now I’ve mentioned them
before, but they’ve escalated into more lengthy diatribes of nonsensical noises. Like “meer meer meeear meer…..’ and I’ll go on for several minutes. Seriously it must really annoy Jeremy.

2. I think every number has a colour. I think it’s a throwback to sesame street when they’d have a number of the day, brought to you by the number whatever business. It would show the number in this bright, solid colour. So now I associate certain number s with certain colours. 1 is red for example. 8 is purple and 7 is green. This could also be a throwback to smoking pot.

3. Every time I approach a door I experience a mild rush of anxiety if it’s not clearly marked PUSH or PULL. I’m totally serious. I once got into a huge fight with a now ex-boyfriend because he didn’t believe me about this.

4. I can’t listen to music, like really listen and pay attention, without getting swept into some fantasy in my head. It could be some sort of dance routine, me performing, a wicked awesome swordfight in time with the music or a timely escape from a space station with an activated self destruct sequence (all starring me of course)!! Wow I’m getting all excited just thinking about it!

5. I have to leave a crust. No matter what I eat – tacos, potato wedges, steak – you name it. I leave a bite on the plate. For the fairies.

6. I have a curly toe. Right foot middle toe. It curls under. Nothing happened to it, I was just born that way. I like to think of it as more ‘unique and special’ and less ‘deformed’. I think it’s cute.

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