Wednesday, December 27, 2006

les petites vacances - la fin

What a lovely little holiday! Jeremy and I both got a chance to spend time with our families; much fun was had by all. I got a ton of good presents from the in-laws (the magic bullet – not the sex toy, the blender, a huge train case for my insanely huge makeup collection, and a massively comfy, fluffy robe which I’m already addicted to, just to name a few). Much like last year, Jeremy is already regretting his gift to me. Last Christmas it was a PS2 and my marathon sessions of gaming frequently interrupt his television watching and take my attention away from him. This year he got me a Nintendo DS with Final Fantasy III! So excited! I won’t be playing this Final Fantasy until I finish the one I’m on now, but I can’t wait. Currently I am playing with my Nintendog that the in-laws gave me.

This is where Jeremy’s regret comes in.

I’m training my Virtual German Shepherd puppy, Pucci, and I have to speak commands into the microphone to teach it. So he’s trying to go to bed and I’m playing quietly then I’ll shout ‘sit!’ or ‘lie down!’ and wake him up. He was not impressed. But hey I have to speak clearly for him to learn! Anyway I’m already hooked and seeing as how I’ve been on Neopets for over 6 years I think I’ll have this little pup for a long while. I’ve already taken quite a ribbing for playing with him though. When I was home I was shouting commands and my sister leans over and tells me that Edgrr, her dog, is sitting and whatnot as I shout out the commands. Then she says he’s probably thinking ‘hey play with me I’m a real dog!’ which I promptly did because I felt so guilty. Sigh. Anyway I thought it was very sweet of Jeremy to get me a gift that would divert my attention from him and probably be very annoying at times, for the second year in a row. He claims it’s so that he can have access to the TV again but I prefer to think he’s just a big softie.

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