Monday, February 26, 2007

underground documentary...CUTTING EDGE!!

Well I don’t know why I thought I would be the only one taking videos of Lower Bay Station. You should see how many are up there on YouTube right now. Scads.

I have three, you can see them all
here, along with a few other vids. Nothing earth shattering but that is hardly my intent. Shameless self indulgence on the other hand…well really why do you think I started a blog in the first place. To please YOU? Hardly.

But I digress.

So Jeremy woke me up and dragged me on the subway at 8am, and that was me dragging my feet. There were tons of people; I’m assuming they all came to see Lower Bay. We rode by it 4 times; a few of the drivers rode by slowly so we could all get a good look. I was promised ghosts in red dresses by Jeremy but I think he was just using that to lure out on a Saturday morning that I could have easily spent leveling up. The nerve.

Anyway here is Jeremy’s favorite video; he shot them all so direct your criticisms accordingly. I will share the praise though. It was my camera.

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