Monday, June 18, 2007

i will always have toys

Remember how I stumbled across the book Doggy Poo? I fell in love. I eventually got the book and movie for my niece, which my sister wasn���t a fan of. The book passed inspection though and I hope is still in her possession. Anyhoo I added to my poo collection and picked up this adorable PLUSH DOGGY POO!!! Sigh. He���s so soft and lovable. I highly recommend the Doggy Poo book to anyone. The movie is a bit odd but I still love it. I bawled like a baby. Shocking.

This weekend Jeremy also picked up a toy for himself. For some sort of occasion in the past I got him Darth Tater., which he loved. We went to the movies and after to Toys R Us (which is tradition). It was there that he saw it ��� gasp! Optimash Prime. It took all of 3 second for him to grab it and make a made dash to the checkout. Now all he needs is the Spud Trooper and he���ll be happy boy.

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