Thursday, June 14, 2007

i see dead people...

Or maybe fairies. I���m not sure yet.

Ok do you remember the scene in Sixth Sense where Toni Colette looks at the pictures of her son and realizes there is a light by him in all the pictures, and that meant spirits were around him? Well when I looked at this picture I took last week (to spot any flaws in the
outfit I would be wearing to the wedding) I got a chill. What in the heck is that white spot by my face? I noticed it right away on the view screen and so tried to recreate it, to no avail. Everything was the same but no more white dots. I���m sure someone out there has a logical explanation for this; if you do ��� I don���t want to hear it. I���d much rather go on thinking it was one of my grandparents. Or an angel.

Or a tiny winged jewel pony that whispers happy thoughts in your ear. Fun!

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