Wednesday, November 28, 2007

issue #1 - collectors edition!!

We all know that calcium is an important factor in regulating the body���s electrical system, and we all know that my body can���t hold onto calcium like the rest of you, due to some surgical misadventures.

What we all did not know, is that when my calcium is low I seem to be more susceptible to static electricity. This has presented most recently in a bout of low calcium. Subsequently I am terrified to open my filing cabinet. After living in fear and without any files for a few weeks I���ve come to the realization that I���m having a major moment in my life. This is the moment I realize that I���m special and have "super" abilities unlike anyone else. This would be the premiere issue of my comic book.

Naturally the first thing I have to work out is a costume. Done (note the socks, very necessary). Name ��� done. Behold The Great Statica!

Now I just have to figure out if I���ll be a Villain or Hero. Either way I will be ridding the world of bad doctors through MASSIVE STATIC CHARGES THAT EXPLODE THE HEART!!!

And I���m sure I���ll do other stuff too...

Update* Jeremy has pointed out that electricity powers generally mean Super Villain. So I guess I am The Great and Terrible Statica.

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