Thursday, April 3, 2008

clara lovelylocks

I���ve come back to the bosom of artifical hair colouring; this time I���m leaving it to the professionals though.

Anyway I let my curl expert Ely go wild and foil me up with golden, copper and even some ruby red tones. I adore it. Funnily enough I feel more like myself with redness in my hair again.

For those of you who don���t know I spent the time from Grade 8 to First year University as a red head. It���s a big part of my inner personality. I love red heads���.my ultimate
dream girl (who scares Jeremy) is one.

Jeremy finds this pose (standard clara fare) quite disturbing. I think it's rather darling.

Either way it is a funky colour job, I sort of feel like I am one of the lovelylock crew���.le sigh. We're like twins!

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