Wednesday, April 9, 2008

did i forget to mention i'm in dallas?

Well it's work related and we all know I don't blog about work. However I have mysteriously found myself in's some pics!

I'm very tempted to go skating in the mall so I can tell the locals I came from Canada to go ice skating as I heard Texas had the best ice. So far they believe everything I say about Canada.
Number one question I'm asked? 'Do y'all say aboot?'

I was kindly directly to Texas Treasures where I spent nearly all my money on souvenirs. Heh. Then I found this kindly lioness outside a kids play park that Jeremy would have demanded entrance too, it looked really fun.
I've also learned that bacon comes two ways in Dallas, crispy and crispier. I have never seen such crispy bacon in all my life. And yes I confirmed with a local that this is the way bacon usuallly is here.
And yes you can tell everone that Clara went to Dallas is reporting on bacon, go figure. I love bacon. I'll be back on the 17th; if I have time I'll post some more. Mwah.

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