Wednesday, April 23, 2008

home again home again

Well I’m back from Texas.

I had much fun and ate delicious food….note the ginormous oatmeal raisin deep dish cookie. And the mutant baked potato. Some things really are bigger in Texas.

One of the restaurants we went to, The Magic Time Machine, had tables done up in different themes. We sat in the carousal and our waiter was Captain Jack Sparrow. Cute! Probably only 19 but still….nice to look at. We’re pretty sure his chest hair was drawn on. Even so.

Other highlights of the trip include getting the finger from a genuine New Yorker. I felt so honoured. I’ll treasure it always. I also learned how to say Awesome in Brooklynese and picked up the term hottiebumbalatti. Not sure what it means? Here’s a visual aid:

These yummy behinds are what I got to stare at most of the week. And yes they are Canadian (naturally). On three separate occasions I got to gaze upon thier gluteal beauty for the entire arduous walk to the local mall. Think of a horse with a carrot being dangled in front of it to keep it going. Same principle. Hee.

But yes I did miss Jeremy, I have a staggeringly obscene phone bill to prove it. Obcene as in cost, pervs. And yes we have already started to annoy each other again. Ah, love. I’m sure there’s a reason we do it.

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