Friday, May 2, 2008

happy freedom ‘08

Today is an official day of freedom. Official says me. So take today to celebrate freedom and whatever that means in your life.

This originally came about because today is the day my sister Jenna is officially single again. Happy much anticipated divorce my dear! We’ve decided to make it annual and the first Friday in May will be Freedom Day.

So sppreciate things deeply, be frivolous because you can or just wear your sweatpants all day while going commando. Whatever it takes baby.

For example Jeremy can take a moment to relish the lack of Starbucks baristaing in his life. I for one am going to savour my fearless existence and laugh loudly at the slightest provocation. People will wonder if I’ve gone back on the box ‘o wine. But no, then I would be sleeping. Or having a philosophical debate with the potted plant. Maybe making out with it a little.

But no, just loving the free.

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