Thursday, January 29, 2009

an ode to me, on this - the day of my birth

Such awesomeness, I can’t describe
As that which in me doth reside.

An eternity you say -
Is not enough with me to play?

I blame you not, it is such fun,
To frolic with me in the sun

Or snow or rain and sleet is neat
As long as me with you, you keep.

My buoyant curls, and cheeky grin
Inflame all hearts and souls within.

Such witty humor, sometimes crass
And let's not forget my rockin’ ass.

The lucky few who’ve seen my boobies,
Have declared them as precious as diamonds or rubies.

This keen mind, and delightful giggle
Cannot be hated, not even a little.

So rejoice with me, the birthday girl
The blessed day I entered the world.

Clara in a word

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