Monday, October 30, 2006

battle systems go!

This weekend was BRUTAL. Women are insane. The women’s show is all about the free samples and when the samples are chocolate – someone could lose an arm. Jeremy was in fear for his life several times; he didn’t want to leave the safety of the booth. I had quite a shock when I arrived there the first day. As soon as I had gotten myself settled in the booth I looked up and my words died in my throat. Directly across from us was my arch nemesis – Mr. Peanut! Gasp! How did he find me? Was this mere coincidence? Hardly. That cunning bastard knows where I live and would stop at nothing to ruin me! Damn him! Regardless of his roots in my family history he is no friend of mine. Indeed one day it will all come down to some sort of ultimate showdown between him and me. I can feel it in my bones. I’m sure he feels the same thing in his shell. Or nuts. Whatever.

Anyway the show gave Jer and I a chance to stock up on chocolate (we were running dangerously low), so we’re happy campers. Unfortunately there was none of Jeremy’s favourite chocolate – Kringles. In fact my mother confessed that she may have lost the recipe. Jeremy was horrified at the thought of never having them again. He told me “they are hands down the best thing your family has ever made…..and that includes you

Thanks sweetie.

Well I have my chocolate covered licorice and maraschino cherries so I’m happy. And isn’t that what really matters?

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