Thursday, October 26, 2006

clara moe D

The other day Jeremy and I were watching a show and they were discussing how most women wore the wrong size bra.

“Man I need to figure out my actual bra size. I know I’m wearing the wrong one.”

He looks at the girls. “Yeah you’re always popping out of that thing”

Gee thanks. Anyway Jeremy decided this was his new personal mission so he comes in a few minutes later with a tape measure. The metal kind you use around the house. He’d found a
online calculation tool and wanted to enter my measurements. Now the metal tape doesn’t exactly lie flat against the skin, especially curvy mammary type skin. And damn it’s cold! Eventually I did get a proper measuring tape (from Chapter’s, it’s shaped like a monkey! Eee eee ooo!), and I found out that I am NOT the B cup I thought I was. I’m actually in between to cups so I ordered two bras of each from La Senza. Guess which one fits me the best?

The D!

Yes after years of wishing and wearing A cups I finally realized my girlhood dream of having bazongas. Luckily I’m one of those people who puts on weight in the boobs, belly and ass, so I can get away with saying ‘voluptuous’, not ‘fat’. Now my bra proves it’s true! I’ve been going around and saying (in falsetto) I’m a Double D! And Jeremy just looks at me sadly and says quietly: ‘No sweetie you’re a D. Singular.'

I keep mixing them up. Oopsie.

I recommend all of you ladies measure yourselves and try it out. I can’t believe the difference! I’m so comfortable and
Betty & Veronica have never looked better!

You can get your boobs measured by a pro this weekend at the
National Women’s Show here in Toronto. Plus I’ll be there! Yes Jeremy and I will be hawking chocolates for the family business this weekend. If you stop by you can have a free chocolate, but make a big fuss and ask Jeremy for an autograph. Hopefully that will get a crowd going and boost sales. People will think he’s from a new gay soap opera and the ladies will love it and go into a chocolate buying frenzy! Hopefully. Plus it will make him wildly uncomfortable. Ha!

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