Thursday, November 9, 2006

abusing the c-word

That’s what Jeremy called it. Sigh. I’m just awful.

Yesterday I got a call from some ‘new and exciting revolutionary fitness centre’ inviting me to join. Sure. I’ll get right on that. Anyway this woman was way to chipper way to early in the morning. Plus there is no way in hell I would ever join a gym. There are other people there and junk.

So I let her go through her spiel, I find it’s the quickest way to end these kinds of calls, speaking only when she asked me a direct question:

“Would you like to join our innovative and ground-breaking new fitness facility?


“Do you currently belong to a fitness centre?”


“Do you have any plans to join a fitness program in the near future?”


“Do you participate in any exercise programs?”


“Do you exercise at all?”

“Not really” I do walk to and from work but I doubt that would’ve impressed her.

“May I ask why?”

“Well I’m a cancer patient, I’m supposed to take it easy” Completely untrue, not the cancer bit but the taking it easy.

I was just trying to end the phone call and ensure they wouldn’t ever call me back. So naturally I felt just awful when her voice softened and she said “Oh! Well stay strong! Have a super awesome day!”

I think I mumbled ‘uh, yeah’ and hung up. Just awful. I wish I could say that I pulled out the c-word just because she wouldn’t stop bugging me (in fact that was exactly what I told Jeremy) but truthfully from the moment she said she was from a gym I knew I’d be bringing that up.


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