Monday, November 13, 2006

the gift that keeps on levelling up

You may have noticed I am currently playing TWO video games (links on right). That is because I had set about leisurely finishing Drakan: The Ancients Gates (last time my game was interrupted by my moving out and away from my little sister’s PS2). And I had gotten to the Flesh Mage and was ascared.

I had Kingdom Hearts up there FOREVER; well that’s because once I finish a game I’ll leave it up there until I start something new. Not so with the 'what I’m reading' link. I go through many books so I would be changing that thing nearly daily. Usually I’ll just link to the ‘real books’ I read; somehow I don’t think people need to know that I’m currently reading my lady’s desire, master of desire or the twelve lonely milkmaids of thrustington manor. You get the picture.

But I digress. I got a bit on a treat this weekend and Jeremy surprised me with Final Fantasy XII collector’s edition with guide. The boy stood in line the day it came out! I was shocked! I thought I’d have to wait a year before I got my hands on this game. Now Jeremy is the one who gave me my PS2 for Christmas last year, along with Final Fantasy X-2. because of his previous experience with me when I’m in Final Fantasy land (play for hours upon hours and don’t leave the house, sending him out for food and toilet paper), he made up a list of demands I had to agree to before I could open my present. It read as follows:

· 2 episodes Stargate
· 2 episodes Brisco County Jr.
· Lucky Number Slevin
· possibly go to one movie
· order pizza (toppings open to debate)
· 2 hrs Battlefield 1942

I agreed, not knowing that beneath the carefully wrapped pages of prostitute listings from Now Magazine lay the newest adventure in a long line of greatness. Sigh. I’m a happy camper, I love the new battle style and am fast getting the hang of the new features. I have clearly been playing a lot because I dreamt about the game last night. This only
happens when I’ve been playing like a fiend. I think I'm 10 hours in. At least.

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