Friday, August 17, 2007

...being of sound mind and body...

I���m getting a new insurance provider and even setting up an RRSP (so grown up I know!). When it asks if you have a spouse it specifies very clearly that this includes common-law, which is if you���ve been living together for a period of 12 consecutive months. With a horrified gasp I realized I had to list Jeremy as my SPOUSE! Now you may say ���Hey Clara, we already knew this. Remember when you filled out the 2006 census? What gives? Running out of ideas? I knew you were a fraud!���

Well listen here. First of all, put down that chair, you don���t want to start something you can���t finish, and by that I mean chair repair. It can be very time consuming. Just ask Jeremy, we���ve got a table and chair set sitting unfinished in our apartment for the last 4 months.

Second of all, that was just the census. Basically a survey. Big whoop. These are financial and banking papers!! Heavy stuff. Plus it was with shaking hand that I listed him as my beneficiary for the insurance and my RRSP. Dude gets my money if I keel over! And I���ve already had cancer once! Those are good odds. Sigh, ah well. He���ll need the money to pay for the damage bills wherever I kick the bucket. I���m hoping to get some pretty fierce death throes going. Plus if I can master that technique from ghost where you can move stuff with your ghostmind I���ll be unstoppable.

Realistically though I���ll be more like Slimer and accost hot dog vendors on the street. Mmmm���..street meat���

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