Wednesday, August 22, 2007

the ex part 2

Went to the Ex this weekend. FUN. Jeremy and I were joined by my Mum, Dad, Gran and 2 out of 3 sisters (ain’t bad). We didn’t do any rides but we ate a lot of food. Namely deep fried Mars bars but there was some other stuff too. I had Goat Roti. Yummers. I think besides buying lots of stuff my favourite part was the Superdogs…I want a puppy so badly now! I haven’t really stopped talking about it since. Jeremy keeps saying no but the other day there was this amazingly cute baby on TV and I told him I would actually rather have a baby than a puppy. After he regained consciousness he looked aghast at me then changed the subject. That oughta get me a dog. Ha!

Now if you all remember the
last time Jeremy and I were at the Ex he felt the need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a stuffed animal (which we never ended up getting). He was adamant not to repeat the same process this year. So we looked at the games, enjoying the sights and sounds, not intending to waste a penny on such flimflammery when lo and behold – he spots the birthday game.

“Surely we at least have to play the birthday game!”

I sigh, “Sure it’s only two bucks, what’s the harm…”

So we slap down our toonies and Jeremy rolls the dice….JANUARY. I was so excited! I kept hopping up and down and clapping, the booth operator was broadcasting my movements to the crowd, trying to drum up business. I chose a Stewie doll. Very cute. I’m sure that’s not how you thought that story would end but I am wickedly sneaky that way. You must be on your toes you see.

Anyway I had a wonderful day of food, fun and exciting spectacles with my dear family. Well done CNE. Well done.

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