Thursday, January 24, 2008


As you can see from my customary birthday countdown to the right it is nearly upon us. The glorious day of my birth. 27 years on me on the planet, making it a little better. Yay me.

But seriously folks, I always feel in high spirits for the month of January for this reason. The other night I was walking home and found myself strutting along the sidewalk. It could have been the Pink from my iPod, the brisk and invigorating night air. It could have been, but I think it was the knowledge that my day of birth was drawing ever closer.

And the universe seems to know that too. Yesterday I was getting bloodwork done and took a number to await my turn with the needle and as I glanced down I was pleased to see J81.


January 1981! The month and year of my birth! Cooool.

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