Friday, October 24, 2008

...must..lift hands....type...for...readers...

Yes I know I haven’t posted in some time and it has been brought to my attention. And yes the only thing I hate more than long periods of no-posts on blogs I like to read is a follow up post about how they haven’t posted in awhile. I mean really.

I do have an excuse. Medical laziness.

Apparently my thyroid levels are lower than they have been in 2 years when I first got it removed. Heh.

But I’m doubling up meds and hope to be bouncing with energy in a few weeks. Also I’m been prescribed chocolate milk and cheese (no really!) to help my calcium. You know on top of the 6 horse pills I take daily.

But I digress. I have TWO good posts forthcoming – one is a harrowing tale of heroism in Niagara Falls.

The other an otherworldly adventure in Toronto that hasn’t yet taken place.

So you can fantasize about the upcoming Claraliciousness while I take a nap.

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